Library Books

Author Title Publisher YearPub Cover Category
Alderton A Birdkeeper's Guide to Budgies Tetra Press 1988 HC Budgerigars/Parakeets
Alderton A Birdkeepers Guide To Cockatoos Tetra Press 1990 HC Cockatiels
Allen & Allen All About Cockatiels T.F.H. Pub. 1980 HC Cockatiels
Armour Inbreeding Budgerigars Nimrod Press 1987 PB Budgerigars/Parakeets
Arnall & Keymer Bird Diseases T.F.H. Pub. 1975 HC Health/Diseases
Aschenborn Keeping and Breeding Parrots T.F.H. Pub. 1990 HC Parrots
Athan Guide to a Well-Behaved Parrot Barron's 1999 PB Training
Athan Guide to Companion Parrot Behavior Barron's 1999 PB Parrots
Athan & Deter The Second-Hand Parrot Barron's 2002 PB Parrots
Athan & Deter Guide to the Senegal Parrot and its Family Barron's 1998 PB Parrots
Bales Guide to Owning an Amazon Parrot T.F.H. Pub. 1997 PB Amazons
Barber The Human Nature of Birds Penguin Books 1993 PB Birds General
Barrie A Step-by-Step Book About Cockatiels T.F.H. Pub. 1987 PB Canaries
Barrie A Beginner's Guide to Cockatoos T.F.H. Pub. 1986 HC Cockatoos
Bates & Busenbark Parrots T.F.H. Pub. 1960 PB Parrots
Bates & Busenbark Parrots And Related Birds T.F.H. Pub. 1978 HC Parrots
Bates & Busenbark Guide to Mynahs T.F.H. Pub. 1981 HC Birds General
Bates & Busenbark Introduction To Finches and Softbills T.F.H. Pub. 1968 PB Finches/Softbills
Baxter The Avicultural Writings of Eric Baxter The Avicul Soc. Of S. Australia 1985 PB Finches/Softbills
Bedford Parrots-A Complete Introduction T.F.H. Pub. 1987 PB Parrots
Bedford Parrots and Parrot-Like Birds T.F.H. Pub. 1969 HC Parrots
Belcher/Sibson Birds of Fiji in Colour Pelorus Press 1972 HC Birds General
Berger Bird Life in Hawaii Island Heritage 1990 PB Birds General
Bielfeld Canaries and Related Birds T.f.H. Pub. 1988 HC Canaries
Bielfeld Handbook Of Lovebirds t.f.h. Pub. 1982 HC Lovebirds
Biggs Lovebirds: Answers To Your Questions JPr Pub. 1979 PB Lovebirds
Birmelin & Wolter The New Parakeet Handbook Barron's 1985 PB Budgerigars/Parakeets
Black Cockatiels, Their Care, Feeding and Breeding Audubon 1988 PB Cockatiels
Blanchard Companion Parrot Handbook Abbey Press 1999 PB Parrots
Blanchard The Beak Book PBIC, Inc. 2002 PB Parrots
Bologna Birds of the World Simon and Schuster 1978 PB Birds General
Boone Kinship with All Life HarperCollins 1954 PB Birds General
Boruchowitz The Guide to Owning an African Grey Parrot T.F.H. Pub. n/a PB african greys
Brockmann & Lantermann The World of Lovebirds T.F.H. Pub. 1990 HC Lovebirds
Bruun The Dell Encyclopedia of Birds Dell Pub. 1974 PB Birds General
Burger The Parrot Who Owns Me Random House 2001 PB Parrots
Burr Diseases of Cage Birds T.F.H. Pub. 1989 PB Health/Diseases
Campbell The Dictionary of Birds - In Color Viking Press 1974 HC Birds General
Coborn The Professional's Book of Conures T.H.F. Pub. 1991 HC Conures, Pionus, & Quakers
Coborn The Professionals Book Of Lovebirds t.f.h. Pub. 1991 HC Lovebirds
Cooper Handfeeding Baby Birds T.F.H. Pub. 1979 HC Birds General
D'Arezzo & Shannon-Nunn Parrot Toys and Play Areas CrowFire Pub. 2000 PB Parrots
Decoteau Handbook of Macaws T.F.H. Pub. 1982 HC Macaws
Decoteau The Handbook of Amazon Parrots T.F.H. Pub. 1983 HC Amazons
Decoteau Handbook Of Cockatoos T.F.H. Pub. 1981 HC Cockatoos
Denton Lovebirds as a New Pet T.F.H. Pub. 1990 PB Lovebirds
Dion A Garden of Birds Brimar 1988 HC Birds General
Doane The Parrot in Health and Illness--an Owner's Guide Howell Book House 1991 HC Health/Diseases
Doane The Pleasure of Their Company- An Owner's Guide to Howell Book House 1998 HC Training
Doane & Qualkinbush My Parrot, My Friend Howell Book House 1994 HC Parrots
Dodwell Encyclopedia of Canaries T.F.H. Pub. 1976 HC Canaries
Dossenbach The Family Life of Birds Mc Graw- Hill 1971 HC Birds General
Enehjelm Finches T.F.H. Pub. 1979 HC Finches/Softbills
Evans All About Canaries T.F.H. Pub. 1976 PB Canaries
Feyerabend & Vriends Breeding Budgerigars T.F.H. Pub. 1978 HC Budgerigars/Parakeets
Feyerabend & Vriends Taming and Training Budgerigars T.F.H. Pub. 1978 HC Budgerigars/Parakeets
Feyerbend Diseases of Budgerigars T.F.H. Pub. 1970 HC Health/Diseases
Forshaw Australian Parrots (3rd Ed.) Avi-Trader Pub. 2002 HC Parrots
Forshaw Parrots of the World T.F.H. Pub. 1977 HC Parrots
Freud All About the Parrots Howell Book House 1987 HC Parrots
Freud The Parrot-An owner's Guide to a Happy, Healthy Pe Howell Book House 1996 HC Parrots
Frith Australian Tropical Birds Tropical Australian Graphics 1985 PB Birds General
Gallerstein Bird Owner's Home, Health and Care Handbook Howell Book House 1984 HC Health/Diseases
Gonzalez Breeding Exotic Birds Neon Pet Pub. 1993 PB Parrots
Gos Doves T.F.H. Pub. 1981 HC Birds General
Greenleaf The Proper Care of Lovebirds T.F.H. Pub. 1993 HC Lovebirds
Halaburda A Basic Book of Budgerigars-Look and Learn T.F.H. Pub. 1994 PB Budgerigars/Parakeets
Halaburda A Basic Book of Lovebirds, Look and Learn T.F.H/ Pub. 1994 PB Lovebirds
Harris Cockatiels as a Hobby T.F.H. Pub. 1992 PB Cockatiels
Hart Budgerigar Handbook T.F.H. Pub. 1978 HC Budgerigars/Parakeets
Henzler Healthy Diet Healthy Bird Henzler 1990 PB Health/Diseases
Higdon The Quaker Parrot Howell Book House 1998 HC Parrots
Hope The World of Amazon Parrots TFH 1992   Amazons
James, Pauline True Parrots Stories Trafford Publishing 2007 PB Parrots
Jones, Martin The Awakening Robert Reed Publishers 2000 HC Novels
Koepff The New Finch Handbook Barron's 1984 PB Finches/Softbills
Kolar & Spitzer Encyclopedia of Parakeets T.F.H. Publicaitons, Inc. 1990 HC Budgerigars/Parakeets
Lafeber Let's Celebrate Pet Birds Lafeber Co. 1989 PB Parrots
Lantermann The New Parrot Handbook Barron's 1985 PB Parrots
Lantermann Amazon Parrots Barron's 1988 PB Amazons
Lantermann & Lantermann Cockatoos T.F.H. Pub. 2000 PB Cockatoos
Lantermann & Lantermann Cockatoos, A Complete Pet Owner's Manual Barron's 1989 PB Cockatoos
Lantermann & Vriends Amazon Parrots Barron's 2000 PB Amazons
Lawrence Your Zebra Finch Colourmaster Pub. N/A PB Finches/Softbills
Le Breton Lovebirds as a Hobby T.F.H. Pub 1992 PB Lovebirds
Linden The Parrot's Lament Dutton 1999 HC Parrots
Loeding The T.F.H. Book of Cockatiels T.F.H. Pub. 1982 HC Cockatiels
Low Keeping Parrots Blandford Press 1988 PB Parrots
Low Endangered Parrots Blandford 1994 PB Parrots
Low Lories and Lorikeets T.F.H. Pub. 1977 PB Lories/Lorikeets
Lyons, Barbara The Art of Elizabeth Butterworth Harry N Abrams     Birds General
Mace, ed. The Birds Around Us Ortho Books 1986 HC Birds General
Martin Zebra Finches Barron's 1985 PB Finches/Softbills
Martin Budgies as a New Pet T.F.H. Pub. 1995 PB Budgerigars/Parakeets
Martin Hand-Taming Wild Birds at the Feeder Bond Wheelwright Co. 1968 HC Birds General
McAleese My Name is Pipsqueak Pipsqueak Press 2006 PB Budgerigars/Parakeets
Miller Budgies as a Hobby T.F.H. Pub. 1991 PB Budgerigars/Parakeets
Miller Budgies as Pets T.F.H. Pub. 1955 PB Budgerigars/Parakeets
Moizer The Complete Book of Budgerigars Barron's 1988 HC Budgerigars/Parakeets
Morcombe The Nature of Australia Golden Press n/a HC Parrots
Mulawka Taming and Training Parrots T.F.H. Publications, Inc. . 1981 HC Training
Mulawka Taming and Training Parrots T.F.H. Pub. 1981 HC Training
Muller-Bierl The Professional's Book of Budgerigars T.F.H. Pub. 1990 HC Budgerigars/Parakeets
Newby Canaries for Pleasure and Profit T.F.H. Pub. 1965 PB Canaries
Nicolai Finches-A Complete Introduction T.F.H. Pub. 1987 PB Finches/Softbills
Noreen Finches in Color T.F.H. Pub. 1969 PB Finches/Softbills
O'Neil The Complete Idiot's Guide to Bird Care and Traini Alpha Books 1998 PB Parrots
Ortho Staff How to Attract Birds Ortho Books 1983 PB Birds General
Palika The Consumer's Guide to Feeding Birds Howell Book House 1997 PB Birds General
Paradise Canaries T.F.H. Pub. 1988 HC Canaries
Paradise Amazon Parrots T.F.H. Pub. 1979 HC Amazons
Pepperberg, Irene Alex and Me   2008 HB african greys
Pinter African Grey Parrots…Getting Started T.F.H. Pub. n/a PB african greys
Pinter The Proper Care of Cockatoos T.F.H. Pub. 1987 HC Cockatoos
Pizzey A Field Guide to the Birds of Australia Collins 1986 PB Parrots
Plath & Davis This is the Parrot T.F.H. Pub. 1971 HC Parrots
Rach An Owner's Guide to the Conure Howell 1998 HC Conures, Pionus, & Quakers
Radford A Step-by-Step Book About Finches T.F.H. Pub. 1988 PB Finches/Softbills
Radford Cockatiels, A Complete Introduction T.F.H. Pub. 1987 PB Cockatiels
Radford Teaching a Parrot to Talk T.F.H.Pub. n/a HC Training
Radtke Encyclopedia of Budgerigars T.F.H. Pub. 1981 HC Budgerigars/Parakeets
Reed Cockatiels! Pets-Breeding-Showing T.F.H. Pub. 1990 HC Cockatiels
Richmond The Joy of Budgerigars T.F.H. Pub. 1983 HC Budgerigars/Parakeets
Roberts Breeding Society Finches T.F.H. Pub. 1979 HC Finches/Softbills
Roberts All About Breeding Canaries T.F.H. Pub. 1982 HC Canaries
Roberts All About Breeding Budgerigars T.F.H. Pub. 1984 HC Budgerigars/Parakeets
Roberts Pigeons in Color T.F.H. Pub. 1971 PB Birds General
Roberts Society Finches T.F.H. Pub. 1979 HC Finches/Softbills
Roberts Zebra Finches T.F.H. Pub. 1981 HC Finches/Softbills
Roberts Breeding Zebra Finches T.F.H. Pub. 1980 HC Finches/Softbills
Robinson & Adams Beginner's Guide to Canaries Howell Book House Inc. 1985 HC Canaries
Rogers Encyclopedia of Cage and Aviary Birds Macmillan 1975 HC Birds General
Rogers World of Budgerigars Saiga Books 1981 HC Budgerigars/Parakeets
Rogers Pet Library's Parrot Guide Pet Library 1969 HC Parrots
Rubin Multiple Bird Households T.F.H. Pub. n/a HC Parrots
Schmidt Macaws a Hobby T.F.H. Pub. 1994 PB Macaws
Schneck & Caravan Caring for Exotic Birds Chartwell Books, Inc. 1991 HC Parrots
Schneider & Vriends Parakeets T.F.H. Pub. 1988 HC Budgerigars/Parakeets
Schneider, ed. Enjoy Your Parrot The Pet Library LTD n/a PB Parrots
Schneider, ed. Know Your Canary The Pet Library LTD. n/a PB Canaries
Scott (ed.) The World Atlas of Birds Mitchell Beazley Pub. 1974 HC Birds General
Shade The Practical Pionus Vol 1: Pet Pionus Parrots Mindo Press 2004 PB Conures, Pionus, & Quakers
Silva & Kotlar Conures T.F.H. Pub. 1980 HC Conures, Pionus, & Quakers
Silva & Kotlar Conures T.F.H. Pub. 1988 HC Conures, Pionus, & Quakers
Silva & Kotlar Breeding Lovebirds T.F.H.Pub. 1981 HC Lovebirds
Silva & Kotlar Breeding Lovebirds T.F.H. Pub. 1988 HC Lovebirds
Sinclair (ed.) New Zealand Birds and Flowers A.H. & A.W. Reed 1971 PB Birds General
Skinner The Proper Care of Parrots T.F.H. Pub. 1992 HC Parrots
Smith Encyclopedia of Cockatiels T.F.H. Pub. 1978 HC Cockatiels
Smith Breeding the Colorful Little Grass Parakeet T.F.H/ Pub. 1979 HC Parrots
Snyder The Pet Parrot Book Barron's 1998 PB Parrots
Soderberg All About Lovebirds T.F.H. Pub. 1977 PB Lovebirds
Sommers, George I Saw Wild Parrots in New York City Wigglespress 2010 PB Parrots
Spadfori Birds for Dummies IDG Books 1999 PB Parrots
Sparks Bird Behavior Bantam Books 1971 PB Birds General
Speicher Canary Breeding T.F.H. Pub. 1979 HC Canaries
Spiotta Macaws T.F.H. Pub. 1979 HC Macaws
Spiotta Macaws & More T.F.H. Pub. n/a HC Macaws
Stap A Parrot Without a Name Knopf 1990 HC Parrots
Steinigeweg The New Softbill Handbook Barron's 1988 PB Finches/Softbills
Stroud Stroud's Digest on the Diseases of Birds T.F.H. Pub. 1964 HC Health/Diseases
Stroud Diseases of Canaries T.F.H. Pub. 1933 HC Health/Diseases
Stunkard Diagnosis, Treatment and Husbandry of Pet Birds Stunkard Pub. Co. 1984 PB Health/Diseases
Sturman & Schults Breeding Cockatiels T.F.H. Pub. 1980 HC Cockatiels
Sweeney Macaws Barron's 1992 PB Macaws
Tartak Cockatiels T.F.H. Pub. 1979 HC Cockatiels
Teitler Taming and Training Amazon Parrots T.F.H. Pub. 1979 HC Amazons
Teitler Cockatiels, Taming and Training T.F.H. Pub. 1979 HC Cockatiels
Teitler Taming And Training Conures T.H.F. Pub. 1981 HC Conures, Pionus, & Quakers
Teitler Taming and Training Lovebirds T.F.H. Pub. 1979 HC Lovebirds
von Frisch Feeding and Sheltering European Birds Barron's 1983 PB Birds General
von Frisch Canaries-A Complete Pet Owner's Manual Barron's 1983 PB Canaries
Vrbova Junior Pet Care--Budgerigars T.F.H. Pub. 1990 HC Budgerigars/Parakeets
Vreinds The New Bird Handbook Barron's 1989 PB Birds General
Vriends Guide to Pet Birds Simon & Schuster 1984 PB Birds General
Vriends The Complete Cockatiel Howell Boob House 1988 HC Cockatiels
Vriends Lovebirds T.F.H. Pub. 1984 PB Lovebirds
Vriends Lovebirds Barron's 1984 PB Lovebirds
Vriends Conures Barron's 1992 PB Conures, Pionus, & Quakers
Vriends & Axelrod Parrots T.F.H. Pub. 1979 HC Parrots
Walker Veedor the Condor Bliss Books 1995 PB Birds General
Warshaw The Parrot Training Handbook Parrot Press 1991 PB Training
Watmough, rev.-Rogers The Cult of the Budgerigar Nimrod Book Services 1984 PB Budgerigars/Parakeets
Wentworth Parrots as a New Pet T.F.H. Pub. 1992 PB Parrots
Wentworth The Guide to Owning Lories & Lorikeets T.F.H. Pub. n/a PB Lories/Lorikeets
Weston A Step by Step Book About Lovebirds T.F.H. Pub. 1988 PB Lovebirds
Wolter Cockatiels-A Complete Pet Owner's Manual Barron's 1984 PB Cockatiels
Wolter African Gray Parrots Barron's 1986 PB african greys
Wolter Parakeets-A Complete Pet Owner's Manual Barron's 1982 PB Budgerigars/Parakeets
Wolter Long-Tailed Parakeets Barron's 1992 PB Parrots
Wolter Cockatiels, A Complete Pet Owner's Manual Barron's Pub. 1991 PB Cockatiels
Wolter & Wegler The Complete Book of Parakeet Care Barron's n/a PB Budgerigars/Parakeets
Woolham Aviary Birds in Color Blandford Paperbooks 1988 PB Birds General
Wright African Grey Parrots Barron's 2001 PB african greys
Wright Bring Back the Magic   2008 PB Birds General
Abramson,Speer & Thomsen The Large Macaws Raintree Pub. 1995 HC Macaws
Alderton A Birdkeepers Guide to Long-Tailed Parrots Tetra Press 1989 HC Budgerigars/Parakeets

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