The Connecticut Association for Aviculture vehemently and unequivocally opposes the monk parakeet eradication campaign being carried out by UI and the USDA.  We urge the use of utility industry practices that preserve the lives and liberty of the monk parakeets while still meeting the utility company’s objectives of keeping equipment clear of nesting material.  Non-lethal measures are being utilized in other states. We also urge legislative changes in the State of Connecticut that will afford protection for the monk parakeets. These parrots, which are intelligent sentient beings, have been a part of our wildlife for more than 30 years. They are non-aggressive and have established an ecological niche in our State. According to the studies of a number of experts including Dr. Dwight Smith, Chair of the Biology Department of Southern Connecticut State University, the monks have not proven to be the threat that was feared they would be 30 years ago when they arrived. Non native species does not mean invasive species in this case. Research has shown that monk parakeets do not take over wide spread areas. It has been shown that young birds rarely, if ever, go further than 500ft from their parents nest sites. The monks are not competing with native birds for habits or food. They do not drive out native species as do starlings. In fact, they share their nests with many other species including owls. Squirrels also inhabit the nests of monk parakeets. Crop damage feared 30 years ago has not been documented. Monk parakeets tend to nest in urban not rural areas, thus adding color and beauty to the limited wildlife found in our urban area. A peaceable solution to the problem they pose nesting on utility poles is possible. Connecticut Association For Aviculture invites UI and other utility companies to work with parrot groups, like ours, on this peaceful and humane solution.

President of Connecticut Association of Aviculture


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