Library Videos

The Companion Parrot - Sally Blanchard - 4 Parts
Kaytee - Hand Feeding Program
Academy Approach to Taming Macaws - Risa Teitler
Parrot Smuggling
Finch Show - 11/24/90
C.A.F.A. 1990 Show
C.A.F.A. 10/24/92 Show (G.N.E.C.B.S.)
C.A.F.A. Program - 3/93 - Carol Bauer & George Heise (Custom Parrot Network)
Land of Parrots - Parts 1, 2, 3
Land of Parrots - Parts 6, 7
Land of Parrots - Parts 1-7
The Total African Grey
Stalking The Wild Amazon - Mike Schindlinger
Parrots - Look Who's Talking - George Page for Nature
The Real Macaws, The Future of Macaws' Survival - Nature
Panama's Canopy Tower and Canopy Lodge - Victor Emanuel Nature Tours
Captive Foraging
Part I, Introduction to Training - Barbara Heidenreich
Part II, Training your parrot for theVeterinary exam - Barbara Heidenreich
Birds of a Feather - Nutmeg TV


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