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July 9 - The Many Parrots Project - Join The Parrot Club on Tuesday, July 9th at 7 pm ET for a talk by Dr. Lauryn Benedict of the University of Northern Colorado, head of the Many Parrots Project speaking about what companion parrots tell us about vocal learning. Companion parrots provide a valuable source of data for comparative study of vocal learning among species, sexes, and age groups. Her lab studies parrot vocal mimicry of humans as a metric of vocal learning. Read about their work in this Forbes article and this two minute NPR story. This is the director of the surveys we keep sending around and they need more human/bird participants! The two surveys can be found here. If your bird sings, whistles, or talks, please join in the fun!

Dr. Benedict is an ornithologist and animal behaviorist interested in avian vocalizations. She has worked mostly on wild songbirds, but recently began studying the fascinating sounds of parrots. You can read more about her research interests at this website, and you can learn about her research projects studying parrots at this website. In her talk Lauryn will discuss results (to date) of the “What Does Polly Say? survey that revealed how parrot species differ in their mimicry of human words and sounds. She will also describe how you can contribute to this research by reporting information about your companion parrot.

This talk will be recorded and posted to our YouTube channel, but for maximum fun, please join in person if you can! Parrots welcome to attend, of course!

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The Parrot Club is a non-profit organization founded in 1974 by a group of people interested in spreading the fun and enjoyment of exotic birds. The Parrot Club meets mostly online over Zoom, so we welcome people from around the world to join us! We do have occasional social events in person. Most meetings are recorded and posted to our YouTube channel, though some are available to members only. Check out our past programs.

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Our mission includes enhancing the knowledge and enjoyment of exotic birds for our members, encouraging preservation and conservation of all avian species, and introducing the general public to the joys and responsibilities of keeping and caring for companion birds..

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